IO Magic: A Speedier Future

IO Magic is a revolutionary new way to manage the input/output processes between your computer’s motherboard and its storage devices.

As home computing has become faster and faster, the reading and writing to hard drives (and more recently solid state drives) and to media including CDs and DVDs has become the bottleneck. As our world has become more data hungry and will become more so, this is likely to become more of a problem as time goes on.

IO Magic aims to solve this dilemma with our unique interface which sits between the computer’s processor and storage devices, buffering activity on flash media that’s more similar to how the computer’s RAM (memory) works. It then continues to process and play ‘catch up’ to keep the permanent storage up to date while the computer’s CPU is free to focus on other things.

Real life applications of this process include time critical software including security systems, both on a large defence scale, and a smaller company level too, such as processing cctv footage and encoding it into much smaller file sizes for archiving, without risking the loss of the continuous capture of footage.