Building A Coffee Table For The Office

When you talk about coffee tables, you normally think about the small bits of furniture people have in their living rooms to keep the newspapers and TV magazines on to hide the remote under. We’re thinking much bigger, as we’ve decided now that with five of us permanently working in the IO Magic office, it’s time we got something that can make a decent cup of coffee. Having taken the advice of the experts at, we’ve opted for their recommendation of the Delonghi ESAM4200, after giving some serious thought to the daddy of the bean to cup coffee machine world, the Dual Boiler from Heston Blumenthal’s range. He’s even tempted us with the machine of his that does so well in the Sage Barista Express reviews on the same site:

For once in our lives, we’ve managed to resist the temptation to just go for the most expensive option with the most gadgets and gizmos, unlike the times we’ve talked about before when we go out and spend a fortune on things after reading websites like those with chop saw reviews. It’s a difficult urge to ignore as a geek, and yes, we’re very much resigned to the fact that we fit into that category.

So, there’s more than a passing irony in the fact that the very mitre saw we spent a fortune on will be what we’re using to create the stand for our brand new coffee machine. Our ESAM4200 in silver will be placed in the corner of the office, so that’s the coffee table we’ll be building. We need to maker sure that it’s a good height, just over a metre off the ground, and can’t be a cabinet because we need to be able to easily access the rear of the machine regularly for refilling the water chamber and cleaning it (although we fully expect the enthusiasm for regular cleaning to fade fast). We also need it to be big enough to hold the mugs and coffee beans, so we’re thinking at least double the width of the dimensions shown for the ESAM4200 on their website. That should just about fit into the space in the corner that we have available, and our sparky Dave is wiring us in a socket as we write this!

We look forward to showing off what we’ve created, as it’s this week’s project that will inevitably keep our attention from what we really should be doing in the IO office this week. Oh, and don’t tell the boss!


By iom